“From Compliance to Culture”: Leading Safety Culture in the Organization

“From Compliance to Culture”: Leading Safety Culture in the Organization

Leading safety culture effectively in your organization can be an uphill battle.  It requires a set of skills that aren’t often taught in EH&S programs, and those who set out to lead the way are often surprised at the level of resistance they encounter.

The prevailing attitude is: “We’ve been doing it this way for 30 years, and it works so we don’t want to change it.”

And when you do start to lead it there is often a “wait and see” attitude that treats it like the new flavor of the month: “If we just hold out long enough, it’ll go away–just like it did last time!”

Leading safety culture brings its own unique challenges.  And it requires a combination of safety culture training and safety leadership training to build real-world skills for meeting those challenges head-on.

Onsite Safety Leadership Training Option

Now, you can bring our “From Compliance to Culture” safety leadership training in-house and let us train and develop your leaders, supervisors, safety officers and safety coaches in a way that is tailored to your environment!  Visit our Onsite Safety Leadership section for more details.

If you have a large Spanish-speaking employee base, you may want to consider our “De Cumplimiento a Cultura” Safety Leadership Training en Español!

Online Safety Safety Leadership Training Option

Need the skills for leading safety culture as a smaller group or individual contributor?  “From Compliance to Culture,” our most popular safety culture training workshop, is also available as  online training!  Perfect for one-off operations and production supervisor training, safety officer training, or as a safety supervisor course. Visit our Online Safety Leadership section for more details.

Public Safety Leadership Training Option

Occasionally we schedule and hold public sessions of our workshops.  When we do, we’ll announce them here!

“From Compliance to Culture” Safety-Leadership Workshop

Session Description: This two-day workshop is targeted to those in leadership (or perceived leadership) roles in the organization.  In addition to production/operations leadership (team leaders, supervisors, managers, and directors), all designated safety team-members, safety officers, supervisors, and safety-committee members should also attend this session.  As space permits, it’s also recommended to include key leadership from the corporate side to begin spreading the same culture throughout the entire company.

(Also available as a private onsite session. Call for details!)

What do we think and believe about safety?
Building employee engagement for a stronger safety culture
Understanding and using safety-leadership styles
Developing our “leadership presence” in safety communication

Improving the quality of our safety talks
Coaching safety-leadership behaviors
Coaching observed unsafe behaviors
Making the most of our time in the field or on the floor
Building best practices for leading a stronger safety culture

Safety Leadership Coaching

Safety leadership training is the starting point for improving safety culture, but it’s not the end game. Training must be followed by on-the-job development to make that training stick, and one of the best ways to do that is through filed coaching. Field coaching reinforces the new skills leaders acquire through training to ensure those skills turn into competencies. To learn more about our field coaching program, please visit our Safety Leadership Coaching section.