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Training is the first step in safety culture development.  However, as important as training is to development, it is only the beginning of the development process and not development itself.  Sending people to a training class can impart some basic skills, but it can’t build competencies for leading a safety culture–that happens only when those skills are applied in a real-world environment.

That’s why our comprehensive “From Compliance to Culture” program is more than just training.  Instead, our safety culture solutions follow a full programmatic approach that results in a sustainable safety culture.  Here is just some of what is included:

Safety Leadership Training

Onsite Safety Leadership Training ProgramThis is the starting point of safety culture development. Our unique workshop is a radical immersion experience that is designed to effect a paradigm shift in thinking regarding safety, to impart a common language and vision around safety, to build a leadership presence, and to equip participants with the tools and skills necessary to lead a safety culture. The theme and format of the workshop is highly effective in accomplishing that combined goal. Click here Learn more about our safety leadership training.

Safety Leadership Coaching

Workplace Safety Leadership Coaching ProgramField coaching begins immediately following each workshop and is intended to reinforce the safety culture development skills learned in the workshop. Our qualified coaches team up with your EHS staff to begin developing their skills around safety coaching. Each team schedules visits to field locations and job sites to attend, observe and coach improvements on pre-job safety meetings, monthly safety meetings, stand downs, safety walkthroughs, and other safety coaching opportunities. The teams partner with the site leadership to implement tailored safety leadership solutions to advance the effort. Click here Learn more about our safety leadership coaching.

Developing Field Coaches

safetybuilt-in field-coach-dev

One integral piece of those safety leadership solutions is getting more and more people on board to help with the effort.  During this phase, the coaching teams will have identified and recruited candidates in the field who have embraced the new culture and are ready to lead it. These candidates are then trained to take on the mantle of “field coach” to begin spreading the new culture in their respective areas and to help coach improvements in safety messages, meetings and engagements. The goal is to identify and train more of these field coaches as the program continues.  Contact us to learn more about our Train the Safety Coach session!

Toolbox Meeting Effectiveness Training

Toolbox Meeting Effectiveness TrainingWhether you call it a tailgate meeting, toolbox meeting, start-up meeting, pre-tour meeting, safety huddle, pre-shift meeting, or just a pre-job meeting, these must be done in a way that engages workers and gets them thinking actively about safety throughout the day. Toolbox meeting effectiveness training builds the communication skills that are necessary to raise safety awareness among the work crew.

This training is targeted to hourly employees and individual contributors who are leading pre-job meetings but who have not attended the safety-leadership workshop.  In fact, this toolbox meeting effectiveness training is included in a half-day session that also includes safety culture training and safety coaching training.  Contact us to learn more about this tailoring this session to your organization.

EH&S Leadership

safetybuilt-ehs-leadershipWe do nothing without first partnering with your EHS team. They are the primary benefactors of our development process and the true owners of the program. Our program builds capability into the EHS team to enable them to drive the program after we’re gone. We teach them the coaching skills, leadership skills and communication skills they will need to keep the program going, as well as the safety leadership solutions they may need to implement to see continuous improvements.

Corporate Integration

safetybuilt corporate integrationIt’s a common mistake to design safety culture solutions that focus only on the Operations or Production side of the company. True culture change occurs only if the entire company is involved in it. Although the corporate side is not exposed to the same risks and hazards of the plant or field, they still need to understand those hazards and the reasons for maintaining a safety culture and mindset.

We ensure key leaders from the corporate side are included in every session of the safety leadership workshop, and we work with them to begin driving a safety culture throughout the entire organization, to develop health and safety management plan, to deliver a more effective safety message, and to instill a more profound safety awareness than ever before.

How safetyBUILT-IN Can Help

We use a three-layered approach to lead organizations through safety culture change. Our  Cascading Culture process allows us to develop multiple leaders at different levels at the same time.  We develop them as they develop others.50 things you must know about safety leadership

We do this through our Cascading Coaching process, during which we focus development on upper level-managers and supervisors as they develop their own direct reports to lead a safety culture using the same method.

The end-game to all this is our Cascading Ownership  process.  Program ownership is heavily weighted on our side at the beginning of the process as we work to develop the skills of a core internal team.   Ownership for the program quickly migrates to that core team, who in turn work to transfer ownership to front-line supervisors.  The goal is to make all employees owners of the safety culture.

Our team is absolutely committed to improving the safety performance of our client’s organizations.  Our goal is to deliver “best-ever safety-performance years” through our safety management training programs.  At the same time, we recognize that safety performance is simply a barometer of an organization’s safety culture.  Our method develops leaders at all levels and trains them how to think and how to lead safety as a core value.

But Don’t Take Our Word for It …

fctc-online-bannerNo program can claim to be effective until it has its customers’ stamp of approval. Our program has consistently reduced our clients’ recordable incidents (TRIR) by an average of 40% in the first year of its implementation, with continuing improvements of 20% to 40% each subsequent year the program is followed. We have a track record that is second to none. Our clients consistently report “best-ever safety performance” years after implementing our program, and some have won awards for the improvements they were able to achieve. Below are the thoughts of just some of our clients who have gone through our program:

“I honestly believe that the information shared during the meeting was ‘the missing link’ between where we are and where we want to be in regards to safety performance. I had a major ‘a-ha’ moment during the training. I hope this is shared with the rest of our company with an emphasis on management and leadership. I have personally committed to implementing the training both in my professional and personal life.”

“Best program of this type I have been part of in my 36 years in the industry.”

“This program changed the way I look at safety and it will help instill safety as a core value.”

“This is by far the best safety training I have ever encountered in all my work experience. Keep up the good work; I can’t wait to start spreading the seeds.”

“This program really had a great message. This is my first exposure to safety-leadership training and it really helped me put safety in the right perspective.”

“You guy’s did a great job putting this together; one of the best programs I have gone through. I think everyone in the company should go through this.”

“I believe this was the best information that I have been given at a conference or training seminar in my 26 yrs as a supervisor. GREAT JOB.”

“By far the best safety training ever.”

“One of the best programs I’ve been a part of in my career, and the best I’ve experienced at our company.”

“The course was one of the better I’ve attended for the 20 or so years that I have been attending events of this type.”

“I thought this program was an OUTSTANDING training event. The facilitators did an excellent job with the material, and the content of the material was exactly what supervisors (and hourly employees) need to help promote our safety culture. I fully support the idea to make this training MANDATORY in all of the company’s field offices for supervisors and hourly employees.”

“Best program I have attended in my 15 years on the job.”

“Fantastic program. Thank you!”

“This training should be offered to everyone in a leadership role or future leadership role with the company. One of the best safety training programs I have ever been a part of.”

“Great program–not what I thought it would be.”

“This was truly one of the better seminars that I have attended. I would recommend this material be applied company wide.”

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