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Industrial Safety Leadership Training ProgramIndustrial Safety Leadership Transcends Industrial Boundaries

Occupational safety hazards may vary from industry to industry but industrial safety leadership does not.  Improving safety culture is about the way we lead people, and people are pretty much the same regardless of industry.  A greater understanding of how to lead and motivate people in a safety culture is the best path for achieving hazard reduction and achieving safety excellence!

Our safety solutions are integrated and designed to build an ever improving safety culture for your organization that is sustainable long after we’ve transferred ownership to you.  Our clients cover the entire industrial spectrum–from oil and gas, to power and energy, to manufacturing, to agriculture and food processing, to construction and heavy equipment, to aerospace and defense, and everything else in between.

The common thread in all these industries is that they can be an extremely dangerous environment to work in if the safety climate has not reached the level of culture.  A solution is often sought in “safety by the numbers”: more regulations, more safety policies, more safety management and safety-awareness training, more safety observations conducted through behavioral-based safety programs, and more stringent emphasis on compliance.  But improving safety culture is not merely about achieving hazard reduction (though it’s a good start!).  And following and enforcing policies is no substitute for improving safety culture through industrial safety leadership.

Improving Safety Culture the Right Way

A focus on compliance or even behavioral-based safety (BBS) programs can take an organization only so far. Why? Because the problem is almost never that there are too few policies or regulations, or that employees just need to be reminded of them.  The problem is rather that people make choices they know they shouldn’t make and take risks they know they shouldn’t take.  Safety solutions force a shift in the culture, which is the only thing that will put us on the right road to achieving safety excellence.


How We Can Help

Compliance is not the answer! There is a difference between viewing safety as a core value and viewing it as just a very high priority. Most organizations truly want their workers to be safe and to go home safely to their families at the end of each day. A strong emphasis on safety compliance is foundational to achieving safety excellence, but fully reaching that goal requires the type of culture change the results from industrial safety leadership.

Right beliefs drive right behaviors; and right behaviors are what keep us safe on the job.  As important as compliance is, it is no substitute for embracing safety as a culture and a way of life.  This kind of safety management program establishes a commitment to safety as a core value — not just a high priority.

Improving Safety Culture By Enabling Employee Leadership

We are absolutely committed to improving the safety culture and performance of our client’s organizations. Our goal is to deliver “best-ever safety-performance years” through our safety management training programs. At the same time, we recognize that safety performance is simply a barometer of an organization’s safety culture. Our method develops leaders at all levels and trains them how to think and how to lead safety as a core value.

The solution lies not in compliance but in culture. It lies in a new way of thinking about safety. It lies in transferring ownership for safety to every employee and making every employee a safety leader. It lies in imparting a strong leadership presence and coaching skills to all front-line supervisors, managers and directors so that safety becomes a culture to be led rather than a regulation to be  followed.

It is only through this process that safety becomes something that is “built in” rather than “bolted on” to operations and production. Organizations that come to terms with this principle–and act on it!–soon discover the “missing link” to their existing safety programs, and the key to achieving hazard reduction and a sustainable safety culture.

Program Sustainability

While we’re building a safety culture into your organization we’re simultaneously building sustainability and reliability into our safety solutions program. The program is designed to last long after we’ve gone because internal ownership for the program is firmly established long before we leave.

But Don’t Take Our Word for It …

No program can claim to be effective until it has its customers’ stamp of approval. Our program has consistently reduced our clients’ recordable incidents (TRIR) by an average of 40% in the first year of its implementation, with continuing improvements of 20% to 40% each subsequent year the program is followed. We have a track record that is second to none. Our clients consistently report “best-ever safety performance” years after implementing our program, and some have won awards for the improvements they were able to achieve. Below are the thoughts of just some of our clients who have gone through our program:

“I honestly believe that the information shared during the meeting was ‘the missing link’ between where we are and where we want to be in regards to safety performance. I had a major ‘a-ha’ moment during the training. I hope this is shared with the rest of our company with an emphasis on management and leadership. I have personally committed to implementing the training both in my professional and personal life.”

“Best program of this type I have been part of in my 36 years in the industry.”

“This program changed the way I look at safety and it will help instill safety as a core value.”

“This is by far the best safety training I have ever encountered in all my work experience. Keep up the good work; I can’t wait to start spreading the seeds.”

“This program really had a great message. This is my first exposure to safety-leadership training and it really helped me put safety in the right perspective.”

“You guy’s did a great job putting this together; one of the best programs I have gone through. I think everyone in the company should go through this.”

“I believe this was the best information that I have been given at a conference or training seminar in my 26 yrs as a supervisor. GREAT JOB.”

“By far the best safety training ever.”

“One of the best programs I’ve been a part of in my career, and the best I’ve experienced at our company.”

“The course was one of the better I’ve attended for the 20 or so years that I have been attending events of this type.”

“I thought this program was an OUTSTANDING training event. The facilitators did an excellent job with the material, and the content of the material was exactly what supervisors (and hourly employees) need to help promote our safety culture. I fully support the idea to make this training MANDATORY in all of the company’s field offices for supervisors and hourly employees.”

“Best program I have attended in my 15 years on the job.”

“Fantastic program. Thank you!”

“This training should be offered to everyone in a leadership role or future leadership role with the company. One of the best safety training programs I have ever been a part of.”

“Great program–not what I thought it would be.”

“This was truly one of the better seminars that I have attended. I would recommend this material be applied company wide.”

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