Creating and Using Safety-Leadership Activity Menus

Creating and Using Safety-Leadership Activity MenusSome of the questions I am often asked by leaders trying to make safety culture improvements are, What should employees be doing differently?  What safety-culture activities should we as a company be promoting? And How do we measure the effectiveness of those activities?

Those are great questions to ask, because if safety culture is more than mere compliance (it is), then it follows that adhering to safety rules and wearing  all required PPE can no longer act as the bottom-line safety-performance standard.  We must up the game and make leading safety the goal. So here are a few suggestions for what employees should be doing differently.

About the Author

Eric Svendsen
Eric Svendsen, Ph.D., is Principal and lead change agent for safetyBUILT-IN, a safety-leadership learning and development organization. He has over 20 years experience in creating and executing outcomes-based leadership development and culture change initiatives aligned to organizational goals, and he personally led the safety-culture initiatives of a number of client organizations that resulted in “best ever safety performance” years for those companies.