“Have a S.E.A.T.”–Employee-Led Safety Coaching

Sustaining the Effort: Communicating the Safety Culture VisionThere aren’t many things more intimidating to a front-line employee than the prospect of acting on stop-work authority by coaching the unsafe behavior of a fellow employee. If it’s done in a confrontational way, it could result in a conflict or even an altercation in some cases. On the other hand if it’s not done with confidence and leadership presence, it may just be ignored.

So, over the next few issues of Recordable Insights we’ll look at a non-confrontational, non-threatening coaching method that can be used by front-line employees to add substance to their stop-work authority and to start a conversation about on-the-spot unsafe behaviors that they may see.

We call this coaching method “Have a S.E.A.T.” S.E.A.T. stands for:

Stop the action”

Engage the employee”

“get Agreement”

Thank them”

The S.E.A.T. coaching model is designed to deescalate the situation while providing an internal motivator for being safe n the job. We’ll take a look at each of these steps starting with our next article. But that’s it for this edition of Recordable Insights. We’ll see you next time.



About the Author

safetyBUILT-IN is the safety-leadership learning and development division of SCInc. We believe sustainable safety performance is best achieved through a core-values based safety culture, and that culture must be driven by leadership. Our safety-leadership programs are competency-based, and focused on performance outcomes. We believe in building capability and ownership into our client organizations—as well as sustainability into our programs—so that our clients can continue running those programs long after we’re out of the picture. Our emphasis is on building better leadership presence, better leadership communication and better leadership coaching by first building relationships of trust with people and learning how to engage them on the level of their core values and beliefs.