Near Miss as Stadium Ceiling Collapses Due to Faulty Safety Management Plan

Ceiling Collapse at Badminton Tournament due to Lack of Safety Management Plan--Call to Action!“Organisers of badminton’s Vietnam Open rushed to set up a new venue on Wednesday and resume play for the shuttlers who had a narrow escape from a ceiling collapse at an indoor stadium,” reports a Reuters news source.

Although no one was hurt, the players and spectators at the Phan Dinh Phung Sports Center in Ho Chi Mihn City were highly shaken up from the collapse, which was very possibly due to a faulty safety management plan for the stadium.

Fortunately for the players, they did have at least some warning as an alert referee noticed the ceiling moving just moments before the collapse. 50 things you must know about safety leadership

As mentioned, the incident seems directly related to a faulty safety management plan for the stadium.  The sports center, which is 30 years old, apparently eluded stringent safety inspections due to upcoming and scheduled renovations.

An investigation of the ceiling collapse is now underway. Here is video of the collapse from a spectator’s smart phone.

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