It’s Official: Safety Leadership Training on Your PC


Over the past two years or so, many of our readers and subscribers have expressed a desire to attend one of our “From Compliance to Culture” safety-leadership training sessions, but for one reason or another could not make it happen.

Others have asked whether it would be possible for a few of their decision-committee members to attend an onsite session held at another company to see whether the “From Compliance to Culture” workshop and program might be a good fit for their own organization, without incurring the cost of a full implementation to find that out!

Still others have already been through the training, but have asked for ways to do “refresher” training, as well as opportunities to send new hires through the same training who were not around when it was initially held.  We have been looking for creative ways to accommodate these requests, and believe we now have a near-perfect solution.  For less than the cost of a seat in one of our public sessions, we can now bring the session to you, online and interactive!

“From Compliance to Culture,” our most popular safety leadership workshop, is now available as an online training class!  SafetyBUILT-IN, in partnership with SCInc. e-University, is now offering the “From Compliance to Culture” workshop as a blended, online and interactive learning experience that combines the dynamic feel of a live training session with the rigorous discipline of an online college course.  Students participate in a self-paced (albeit instructor-led) class, are immersed in recorded segments of a live workshop (as well as other relevant instructional materials), complete the normal exercises and activities that are conducted in the live workshop, and submit performance-based and real-world assignments and projects that are then submitted to an SBI instructor, who grades the assignments and provides valuable feedback to participants while answering their content and application questions. 

Learn more about our online safety-leadership training here!  We’ll soon be introducing an online version of our “Train the Safety Coach” workshop as well! (TBD)

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About the Author

Eric Svendsen
Eric Svendsen, Ph.D., is Principal and lead change agent for safetyBUILT-IN, a safety-leadership learning and development organization. He has over 20 years experience in creating and executing outcomes-based leadership development and culture change initiatives aligned to organizational goals, and he personally led the safety-culture initiatives of a number of client organizations that resulted in “best ever safety performance” years for those companies.