Belief Trumps Behaviors in Safety Culture Leadership

What is the focus of your safety message?  If a safety-culture initiative can be compared to a “body,” then the answer to this question is comparable to the heart.  Answer it incorrectly, and you’ll cut off the circulation to the veins of your initiative.  Answer it correctly, and the result will be a living organism […]

Resolving to Build a Safety Culture that Lasts

We’ve entered into a new year, and, as is customary, you may have made a resolution or two about trading in some personal undesirable behaviors for desirable ones. Hopefully you’re unlike the majority of people who make New year’s resolutions, because in the majority of cases these resolutions tend to fail after a few weeks […]

How to Build and Lead a Sustainable Safety Culture (Part 2)

  What’s one thing you’ve done recently to promote a safety culture? Think about that question long and hard before answering. Is it that you’ve taken steps to reinforce a safety policy that has been neglected? Is it that you’ve conducted some safety observations and done some corrective actions around that? Is it that you’ve […]

How to Build and Lead a Sustainable Safety Culture (Part 1)

  In our recent blog and vlog series on safety culture, we talked about how to promote safety as a core value instead of a high priority, and we looked at why it’s important to view safety in that way. Remember, if a principle or ideal is imposed upon me externally, I’m not likely to […]

Safety as a Core Value (Part 2-3)

Why it Matters Continuing our thoughts on the differences between safety as a high priority and safety as a core value (this is part 2 or part 3, depending on whether you count the introductory article), the question naturally arises, Why is this important in the first place? Some companies use slogans that reflect safety […]