Client Testimonials

“Being a manager of safety comes with many challenges. I have learned over time that the traditional style of safety compliance training, such as videos, generic presentations, etc., may not be totally effective for ensuring our employees understand the pertinent information presented, and how to utilize that information as part of their every day life.

safetyBUILT-IN has taught me the difference between just maintaining compliance, and changing the way I think and what I believe about safety, as well as incorporating safety into my own core values.

The concept of “Leading Safety as a Core Value” gives employees a new way of thinking about their own actions, and how unsafe behavior can have a detrimental impact on their loved ones, and others around them. It also provides opportunity for individuals to gain the knowledge necessary to address unsafe behavior in others in a positive manner.

Incorporating the safetyBUILT-IN concepts into our existing safety program is proving to be a successful combination.”

Tim Brooks | Manager of Environmental, Health, and Safety | Standard Motor Products

“Facilitator was one of the best, if not the best presenter and speaker that I have ever had the pleasure of listening to. I believe this training is important and pertinent enough to allocate the appropriate needed expenditures to ensure that ALL SUPERVISORS AND LEAD PEOPLE from every location in the pipeline attend.  I was truly engaged in the training from start to finish and learned a ton about what I was not doing or doing incorrectly.”

Jake Swab | Production Manager

“I’ve been to several safety workshops over the course of my career, and this has been the BEST so far, hands down!”

Attendee, Manager | General Mills

“Eye opening training session. The majority of these skills are transferable to other areas.”

Todd Jones, ASC Manager

“Excellent course for all managers, not just for those who are primarily involved with safety.”

Suzanne Serrano | HR Director | Standard Motor Products, Four Seasons Division

“I have attended other safety workshops in the past, but none has ever laid out the skills building and leadership qualities like this one.  I was fully engaged the entire two days.  I can’t wait to practice these skills.”

Phil Laudolff | General Mills

In my 25 years of EHS work, I have never seen so much positive response from a Safety program.  Typical responses identify the fact that this is so much more than Safety Training – it is Leadership training that will help them in all aspects of their employee engagement efforts.  I believe, with continued leadership support, this program will be transformational for our organization.

Vic Hammer | Director of Environment, Health and Safety | Land O’ Lakes

“Outstanding workshop!  It was far more than a safety meeting.  This will have an impact on our operation. I am anxious to send my next level of management at the next opportunity.”

Joe Gednalske, Director of Product Development

“Strong and clear leadership course that brings practical and effective methods to identify opportunities, resolve them, coach, and drive results. Clear, meaningful subject matter, and fantastic materials.  Love the ‘do’ focus of the course and the ongoing feedback–and the facilitator actually practices the methods during the course! Informs the mind, but superbly connects to the heart.  One of the best experiences in my 15 years with General Mills!”

Orric Browning | Sr. Operations Manager | General Mills

“This was like no other safety training I have attended. It will take a culture change to make this work. This class shows how to change the culture.”

John Dobson, Maintenance Lead

“I have learned more in this training than just about any other training I have had.”

Doug Cremir, Plant Manager

“Amazing! What an outstanding workshop. You changed my perception about safety. Thanks!!”

Robert S. Price, EDI Manager | Four Seasons Manufacturing

“The safetyBUILT-IN team provided our employees with a perspective on how to view safety such that they want to be involved in leading safety in the organization.  The program gave us simple, understandable tools and techniques for leading and coaching not only safety but every other discipline we deal with in the work environment.  I am confident by the way our managers, supervisors and workforce have latched on to the fundamentals taught in this program that we will be successful in changing our mindset from a reactive safety program to one that really does consider safety as a built-in core value.”

Krista Heimberger | HR Manager | Standard Motor Products

“What stood out to me the most was that coaching based on core values is more effective than citing compliance to policies. Every supervisor and manager should attend!”

Pat Hodgson, SHE Manager | BAE Systems

“This was one of the best leadership workshops that I’ve been to in my career (simple and effective tools)!  It will help drive safety as a core value.  I think it will really make people better leaders as a whole.  That will drive our overall business in the right direction, starting with safety.”

Shawn Myers, Plant Manager