The Height of Safety

Half of all fatalities from work accidents are caused by falling from heights. They are one of biggest reasons workers suffer long-term injuries. And most of these falls can be prevented. Falls can happen from overhead platforms, work stations that are high up, or from plummeting down holes in the ground or flooring. A safety […]

Trash Collectors: Essential Workers Doing A Dangerous Job

A trash collector has a tough job. Even with modern refuse and recycling trucks and automatic lifters, it demands a lot of lifting, pushing and pulling. The Dangers Are Everywhere And garbage is, well, garbage. The contents present their own potential hazards, including glass and other sharp objects, dirt and grime, pressurized containers, and infectious […]

A Whale of a Safety Issue (and a Nightmare of a Health and Safety Plan)

SeaWorld has a whale of a problem–literally. The problem comes in the form of a 12,000 pound killer whale named Tilikum. The U.S. Court of Appeals ended years of trainer contact with the huge mammals during shows, which often included trainers riding on the backs of the orcas. Three Lost Lives Tilikum has been linked […]

I Hear Your Pain

Workplace noise isn’t just annoying. Thousands of workers suffer permanent impairment of their hearing every year. In 2009 alone, the Bureau of Labor Statistics reported more than twenty thousand cases of hearing loss. And much of it is preventable. Changes on the factory or warehouse floor and on construction sites can have a major impact […]

OSHA’s New Directive on Communication Towers Emphasizes Process Safety Management Training

Coming on the heels of nine worker deaths so far in 2014 and a record number of fatalities in 2013, OSHA has recently announced an update to its directive on the use of hoist systems that are used to transport workers to and from workstations on communication towers. In what OSHA calls “an alarming increase […]