Workers’ Compensation Laws: The Basics

Workers’ Compensation Laws are vast and complex. Looking for a quick overview of the basics? The has an easy to follow guide of the convoluted laws.

Workers’ Compensation Indemnity Payments

Workers’ compensation indemnity payments can be very difficult to understand. We’re sharing this article on the myths and realities of workers’ compensation to help clear things up,

Retail Safety

Working retail has some obvious hazards. There is the stress in pulling out two dozen shoes trying to find a style that suits a nervous girl going to her first prom. Or trying to calm a 40-something, overweight executive who insists that all the trousers are marked two sizes smaller than they should be. Physical […]

The Serious Business of Safety

Children watching a big office building going up might see a construction site as a giant sandbox with adults at play. Danger happens when the workers get the same idea and engage in horseplay. Practical jokes and roughhousing are natural among a group of workers, mostly men, doing a hard job together day after day. […]

Taking Precautions, Saving Lives

9/11 seems so long ago, and yet it seems like yesterday. One hero that day was Rick Rescorla. He was the security officer for Morgan Stanley, the financial giant that occupied 22 floors in the South Tower of the World Trade Center. Mr. Rescorla insisted on repeated evacuation drills and other precautions for all employees, […]