Can Obesity Impede Your Company’s Safety Culture?

At last count, more than 35% of Americans were officially obese. When you factor in all of the people who are overweight — but not technically obese — the end result is that two-thirds of American adults weigh more than they should. Unfortunately, that can translate into big problems for the safety culture you’re trying […]

Fire Dangers: Fire Walking, Snake Handling and Kool-Aid Drinking

This news is a few days old by now, but it still screams for comment due to its obvious relationship to fire dangers. For those who have not heard, nearly two dozen people suffered severe burns at a “firewalking” event held by Tony Robbins, the noted “self-help guru.” According to a CBS News article, during […]

Oil and Gas Urged to “Internalize” Safety Culture

“Our ability to ensure the highest level of safety and responsibility in the world depends in large part on the ability of the industry to internalize the need for a robust safety culture,” noted U.S. Bureau of Safety and Environmental Enforcement (BSEE) Director, James A. Watson, in his April 30 address to the Offshore Technology Conference […]

Rise of the American Workforce Immortals

“Americans may be overly optimistic when it comes to thinking they won’t ever be diagnosed with a serious illness or experience an accident.”  So says a recent Wall Street Journal article covering a report released by Aflac, a major insurance provider.  The report, which surveyed 6100 U.S. workers and 1900 benefits representatives in the first […]

Safety First, Second, or Third?

The folks at Safety|NewsAlert have taken issue with a recent Q & A post by Mike Rowe, the Dirty Jobs guy on the Discovery Channel, who explains to one of his viewers why he doesn’t take safety precautions on the show.  While I can agree with the overall point Safety|NewsAlert makes (it’s just idiotic to […]