The Sound of Safety

If you regularly work around loud noises, your organization likely has policies for improving safety behaviors by using earplugs and other protective gear. But if you then drive home with the car stereo blasting away, protective behavior just at work won’t end up doing you much good. The cumulative effect of loud music, loud machinery […]

Jockeying for a Safety Management Plan

Coming up with a safety management plan for a jockey is no bed of roses. A man weighing a little over a hundred pounds who regularly sets about controlling a half-ton horse, while trying to gain the lead in a pack of equally proportioned horses and riders. There have been 128 riders killed during races […]

Safety Management Plan “Suspended” at the Circus

Working at heights is carefully monitored and regulated by OHSA guidelines and covered in each company’s safety management plan. Imagine coming up with a plan that covers eight employees suspending themselves from a circular platform 35 feet above the ground. Without a net. It’s not what you find on most work sites, but it’s a […]

Safer Chemicals Mean Healthier Workers

The number of chemicals used in industrial, office and construction workplaces each day is staggering. And many workers are indeed staggering from the physical effects of toxic fumes and constant exposure. Safety management plans can identify the obvious ones, but the fact is the number of chemicals that in use and under regulation are fewer […]

Restaurant kitchen safety: Your health and safety plan

Over 12,000 burn injuries are suffered each year in restaurant kitchens in the United States, more than any other job sector. It’s not just the cook who gets burned. On the list are also wait staff, kitchen workers and food handlers. Not surprisingly, one of the groups that had the highest number of injuries were […]