Rising Medical Solutions Research Plans

This year the Rising Medical Solutions’ study program will work towards finding real solutions and strategies for claims management advancements. This article from WorkersCompensation.com has the details of their research plans.  

Safety Culture Solutions for “Sitters”

Studies over the last year have shown that workers who sit more than four hours a day are at significant risk of heart disease and certain types of cancer. Those who sit six or more hours have a much greater chance of getting Type II diabetes. The dangers are especially worrisome for office employees. Thankfully, […]

Dirty Little Secrets about Dumpster Safety

Most businesses and job sites have a dumpster on the property. Without them, rubbish in the office would get out of hand. They are taken for granted, unless perhaps a garbage strike happens. But using this essential tool safely is more involved than simply tossing in bags of garbage and paying your share of the […]

Night Shift Work Impacts Health and Safety

More than 15 million people in the United States regularly work late in the evening, at night, or on rotating shifts. These late hours  are essential in a wide range of industries, as diverse as all-night eateries, hotels, fire departments, industrial plants and factories and television stations. Health and safety consultants have pointed out a […]

Avoid Forklift Injury with an Effective Health and Safety Plan

The forklift is a common piece of equipment found in most factories, warehouses and industrial sites. At last count, more than 850,00 were in operation in the U.S. It requires trained and skilled drivers. More than 20,000 workers are injured in forklift accidents and 85 killed each year. Using and enforcing a health and safety […]