Making Your Safety Training Outcomes-Based

If you want to ensure your safety training and development has purpose, is aligned to job responsibilities, and will actually make a difference in performance and behaviors, then you need to start by identifying the end game; namely, what are the desired outcomes you’d like to see in place as a result of that training?

Adding Competency Development to Your Safety Training

If, as I’ve said in the past, “training ain’t development” and if training by itself can’t achieve competency development, then what else needs to happen?  Here’s a very simple overview of what a structured development program might look like.

Are You Building A Safety Competency — Or Just Training?

Last issue we began looking at the proper role of training in the development process.  And there I stated the fact that training is not development, and no amount of training can build a safety competency. A competency is a combination of skills, knowledge and abilities.  A training class can impart rote knowledge, a change […]

Development Management Myths: “They Need More Training”

Most of my professional life has been devoted to learning and development management and organizational change management.  I’m always struck by the ease with which managers reach for training as some sort of panacea to cure every ail. It’s a common mistake made every day by managers who seek to develop the skills of their […]