Good Old Days of Safety

Let’s throw it back to the the good ol’ days! We hope you enjoy this throwback safety training video. Safety training is serious and very much needed but it’s ok to have a few laughs every once in a while.

Building Safety Ownership in Front-Line Employees (Part 2)

Last issue we talked about the benefits of putting front-line employees in charge of leading safety meetings.  Not only does this impart safety ownership for a safety culture to those who are most at risk, but it also helps to instill confidence in them to begin leading safety in every aspect of the job.

Building Employee Ownership for Safety Leadership

One of the best ways to build safety leadership skills in front-line employees is to put them in charge of leading safety meetings in the company.

Are You Holding Workplace Training and Developing for the Future?

In an earlier issue we discussed the importance of starting the development process and workplace training with the end game in mind, and there I suggested building and using a competency model to define the desired future state.  But keep in mind that the desired future state is not just about the future state of […]

Who Owns the Competency Development Process?

One issue that keeps coming up in our series on adding competency development to every training program is the question of ownership.  Who’s responsible for the employee’s competency development after the training is completed?