Put a Stronger Safety Culture Right in Their Back Pocket

The goal of every healthy safety culture is (or at least should be) to drive ownership for safety to the grass-roots level. That means all employees at every level are safety leaders in their own right. In fact, it’s probably fair to say that most organizations have already adopted that way of thinking and communicated […]

Still More Ways to Get Staff Managers Involved in the Safety Culture

In our last article we looked at some ways to add structure around getting staff managers more involved in the safety culture. There we mentioned the value of making it mandatory, establishing the desired outcome, setting target goals, and using intelligence-gathering questions to reveal genuine employee perception about the culture. Here are a few additional […]

Getting Staff Managers Involved in the Safety Culture

Getting staff managers out of the back-office and into the plant is not as difficult as it might at first appear. Sure, you’re going to get some resistance: “I’ve got work to do … My schedule doesn’t allow it … I don’t have the right PPE … Next month would be better.” Resistance is an […]

Involving the Back Office in the Safety Culture: What About Staff Managers?

In the previous articles of this series we looked at how to get back-office individual contributors better involved in the safety culture. There we saw the rational for doing so, as well as some suggested ways for doing it. But what about staff managers and other leaders in the back office of a plant or […]

It’s Not a Safety “Culture” Unless the Office Side is Included

As I mentioned in the first article of this series, it’s all too common for the back-office of a plant or the corporate headquarters of a company to feel (or actually be!) exempted from involvement in the safety culture. Safety is reduced to something that is far away, or a hypothetical – “I’ll be mindful […]