Get Your “Players” in the Game : Improving Safety Culture

The critical mass for creating sustainable behavioral change is to have 35 – 45% of the targeted population adopt the new behaviors. The early adopters in this population are those who have a positive attitude about the change, and invest their energy in trying to make the change happen, rather than resisting it.  They see […]

Safety is Not a “Moment” : Safety Culture Development or Derailment?

One of the unintentional consequences of placing a focus on safety is the way we bolt it on to other activities we do.  For instance, we regularly hold production or operations meetings (or even corporate meetings) to talk about the tasks we’ll be doing that day or that week.  And to give safety a primary […]

Leveraging Your Well-Poisoners in Safety Culture Development

When faced with an organizational change, such as safety culture development, people will adopt a response to that change based on how they feel about it and how much energy they are willing to invest in those feelings. The Energy Investment Model helps us assess each individual’s attitude toward that change so that we can […]

Use Props and Visual Aids: Tips for Enhancing Your Safety Leadership Presence

Whether you’re communicating a general safety message, leading a safety meeting, or conducting safety training or safety culture training,  one of the best ways to reinforce your message is to use a prop or other visual aid.  In fact, it can mean the difference between your audience retaining only 5% of your message, or up […]

Get Your Spectators on the Field: Tips for Improving Safety Culture

The Energy Investment Model is a way of looking at the attitudes of people facing planned change, such as improving safety culture, and how much energy they will invest in that attitude. This can be a very handy tool when planning stakeholder management, as part of an overall change management plan. Each of us can […]