Protected: Building Ownership for Safety

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The Role of “Culture Integration” When Leading Safety-Culture Change

Imagine moving into a new house, condo or apartment but never unpacking your boxes. You walk around the place trying to operate normally, but every time you have to do something that should be routine you find yourself digging through boxes trying to locate what it is you need to carry out that task.  How long […]

The Role of “Building on Momentum” When Leading Safety-Culture Change

Anyone who has driven along mountainous roads in snowy conditions knows how difficult it can be to drive uphill. As long as the traffic is moving, there’s a good chance you’ll make it up the hill. But the minute traffic comes to a halt, the advantage you used to have changes because you no longer […]

The Role of “Short-Term Wins” When Leading Safety-Culture Change

Football season is fast approaching, and for many NFL teams that means another shot at the Super Bowl—other teams, not so much. All team owners, general managers and head coaches have a vision and direction for their team, but not all those visions will produce results. In fact, some of those visions will end up […]

The Role of “Enablement” When Leading Safety-Culture Change

Imagine you’re comfortably seated on a flight that’s going from Chicago to San Diego. Okay, “comfortably” may be a stretch these days with diminishing legroom and ever-narrowing seats, but try to imagine that anyway. Suddenly the pilot announces that you’ve been selected as “pilot for the day,” and invites you forward to receive the prize. […]