“And the Answer Is …” How to Make Your Compliance Training More Memorable (Part 2)

In our last issue we looked at the value of using games as a better option for doing required compliance training since games take advantage of established principles of adult-learning theory. Remember, the amount of information adults assimilate and retain is in direct proportion to the amount of fun they are having during the learning […]

“And the Answer Is …” How to Make Your Compliance Training More Memorable

In our last issue we exposed the ineffectiveness (can we say uselessness?) in the way we normally deliver our required compliance training. Whether that entails reading reams of PowerPoint slides to an audience (in say a plant-wide meeting), or letting them read those same reams of slides on their own (via online training), there is […]

Make it Stick! How to Make Your Compliance Training More Memorable

We are just six weeks away from beginning another year, and that can mean only one thing. Yep, you guessed it – another round of required compliance training for our employees. At least in the U.S., OSHA standards require every industrial organization to provide compliance training on certain workplace hazards and emergency procedures that may […]

What Leaders Do to Develop People for a Stronger Safety Culture

One of the keys to growing a safety culture is to build levels of employee engagement. The reason for that is that the more engaged front-line employees are, the more ownership they assume for their work domain. And the more ownership they assume, the more they begin to lead safety as “owners” instead of following […]

Stories, Not Stats! Making Your Safety Communication Count

One of the great challenges we face in leading a safety culture is how to communicate safety such that it has a lasting impact on employees. Treating safety as a mere policy, an obligation, a training point, or an item on a checklist is a big concern because the level of an employee’s commitment to […]