Safety-Leadership Activities Menu for EHS

So far we have focused on safety-leadership activity menus for front-line employees, supervisors and senior facility leadership because they are the primary owners of the safety culture. But if employees are taking over and owning safety, the safety programs and the safety culture, what becomes the role of EHS? In this model EHS moves necessarily […]

Safety-Leadership Activities Menu for Senior Leadership

I mentioned in the last article that leadership must be on board and actively driving a safety culture before it can take hold and reach a sustainable level. So far we’ve covered activities menus for front-line employees and their supervisors. But what about senior facility leadership, like Plant Managers, Area Mangers, Directors and even VPs? […]

Safety-Leadership Activities Menu for Supervisors

It doesn’t happen often, but every once in a while a client company contacts me with the intent of having me come in to “fix” their front-line employees by making them more aware of their role in a safety culture, but with no thought of including their leadership in that “fix.” But that’s not how […]

Safety-Leadership Activity Menus for Front-Line Employees (Part 2)

In my last two articles I introduced the concept of safety-leadership activities menus, and we looked at some sample activities that might be included in a menu for front-line employees. There are two more activities that we can add to that same menu: They are Safety Committees and Safety-Program Taskforces. Although many organizations already have […]

Creating Safety-Leadership Activity Menus for Front-Line Employees

In my last article I introduced the idea of creating safety-leadership activity menus to guide employees in leading safety culture at their level. One of the first things you can and should do to reinforce safety as a culture we lead rather than a policy we follow is to get your front-line actively doing it. […]