Safety Leadership Walkthroughs: Causes of Missed Opportunities (Part 2)

The way to engage employees on the floor or in the field is to ask questions.  The problem is, the types of questions we ask tend to invite the responses they think we want to hear.  This represents still another missed opportunity that makes our safety leadership walkthroughs not quite as effective as they could […]

Safety Leadership Walkthroughs: Causes of Missed Opportunities (Part 1)

One of the best things you can do during a safety leadership walkthrough is to engage employees.  The problem is, we tend to do this in a shoot-from-the-hip, haphazard way that results in missed opportunities to gather critical information.

Safety Leadership Walkthroughs: What’s Our Focus?

Many of us already do a pretty good job in our safety leadership walkthroughs to identify and call attention to personal, occupational safety hazards, such as slips, trips and falls.  They’re easy to focus on because usually they’re static, concrete, observable and easily identifiable.  A trip hazard becomes pretty obvious to the trained eye.  The […]

Safety Culture: The “Leadership” in Your Leadership Walkthroughs

In our last issue we alluded to the fact that there are fundamental differences between conducting a site or floor visit in the capacity of a manager v. doing the same thing in the capacity of a leader.  One crucial difference is the tone it sets, and how that tone impacts the quality of information […]

Safety Culture: Make the Most of Your Leadership Walkthrough

There are various names for it; sometimes they’re called site visits, sometimes management walk-arounds, sometimes leadership walk-throughs, sometimes supervisor engagements, sometimes something else.   But whatever you call them, and whether the context of your supervision is “in the field” or “on the floor” (or even someplace else!), it’s imperative for purposes of leadership and relationship-building […]