Strengthening Your Safety Management Plan for the Workplace

There are multiple challenges that both employers and employees face in the workplace, and of course one of these is to ensure that everyone is safe on the job.  Despite this challenge, it’s possible to take simple measures that can add structure to a safety management program and drastically reduce accidents.  The following general tips […]

Five Simple Ways to Improve Your Workplace Safety

Building a good safety climate for your business can sound a whole lot more intimidating than it actually is.  In fact, you can give your workplace safety performance a big boost just by following these five tips: 1.  Make sure your employees have the right expertise: If a particular employee simply doesn’t have the skills […]

Asleep at the Wheel! Reducing Driver Fatigue

A major category (often the top category) of incidents in many organizations is preventable vehicle accidents, or PVAs.  And a large percentage of these are due to lapses in alertness caused by fatigue and drowsiness while driving that leads to falling asleep at the wheel.  But according to Sam Fleishman, president of the American Academy […]

Lights . . Camera . . . Free Video Resources

These days there are countless free video resources available to anyone that wants to use them for safety training, safety meetings, or just as a personal reminder of best practices.  Some of these are from vendor sources, some are from non-profit (or free resource) organizations, and still others are from government sources. For instance, did […]

Protective Gear: Tips for Selecting the Right PPE

“Like the hazards encountered in the workplace, there is a variety of PPE available on the market that is intended to help protect all the parts of a worker’s body,” notes a recent article that appears in EHS Today.  “Trying to select multiple types of PPE that integrate together to protect workers can be a […]