Eight Tips for Driving with the Sun in Your Eyes

Sunlight can cause major problems seeing when you drive at any time of year, not just in summer. The period just after the sun rises and just before it sets are dangerous times for drivers, whether the days are long or short. When the sun is shining into your eyes as you drive, you don’t […]

Winter Weather Woes

Anyone who works outside in winter needs to take precautions from the dangers of freezing temperatures. Numerous occupations are affected, beyond the obvious ones like construction, logging and snow cleanup. Mail deliverers, inspectors of homes and office buildings, utility workers, package delivery people, surveyors, exterminators and garbage collectors are just a few who need to […]

Step Up to Safety

If you take a tumble on the stairs, you can easily end up fracturing your fibula or bruising your bottom, and it’s no fun. According to the National Safety Council, people at home and at work suffer over a million injuries falling on stairs, over 12,000 serious enough to cause death. In fact, stairs accidents […]

Slipping into Autumn

Autumn brings the rich, beautiful colors of fall leaves. People spend hours during their weekends on driving or walking tours just to take in all the beauty. But as it gets colder, those leaves fall to the ground, creating a domino effect of slip hazard. Deciduous trees like maples and oaks lose their leaves each […]

Getting Ready For The Big One

OSHA has released new guidelines for protecting workers during an earthquake. They recommend that a safety management plan educate workers about hazards to avoid, safety procedures, evacuation and emergency action plans. And it can happen anywhere. Though this is a major concern for people living on the West Coast of the United States, it also […]