Safety Meeting: Are You Asking or Telling?

Over the past few months we’ve been looking at ways to make a pre-job safety meeting more effective, and we’ve seen throughout this series that the key to success is engagement. True employee engagement means they are involved and participating in the discussion, they are alert and interested in what you are saying, and they […]

How to Make a Pre-Job Safety Meeting Engaging

There are effective ways and not-so-effective ways to communicate a safety message. The use of good communication skills, voice projection, eye contact, and body language is crucial for engagement. The video below is a continuation of our ongoing video series on how to conduct an effective pre-job safety meeting. Watch and learn as we explain […]

Is There a Better Way to Lead a Pre-Job Safety Meeting?

My personal experience with this (and with coaching the leaders of those meetings afterward) tells me that an average pre-job safety meeting is simply “read,” not “led.” Employee engagement and participation is often reduced to allowing them to read an incident report to the rest of the group.

Are You Communicating Safety (or just talking)?

If we’re honest with ourselves, most of us will probably admit that our efforts around communicating safety are compliance oriented. We do it because we’re bound by a policy or an organizational expectation to do it. There’s nothing particularly exciting or inspiring about it. It’s become a monotonous checklist that we complete and file away, […]