Using Visuals to Enhance Safety Meeting Engagement

If I tell you some facts and figures about a hazard, statistically you’ll remember only about 5% of what I told you after that conversation has ended.  But if I show you a picture of the hazard while I’m talking about it, you’ll remember about 35% of that conversation.  Now, if I tell you about […]

Rotating Safety Meeting Leaders for Better Engagement

Most organizations already subscribe to the notion that responsibility for safety resides at the level of each and every employee.  Yet, when the responsibility for safety communication in safety meetings is perceived by everyone else to be the unique domain of a special designee (whether the safety specialist or the supervisor) it tacitly communicates a […]

A Safety Meeting Should be About People, Not Policy

Leading a safety culture is vastly different from following and enforcing regulations.  But the content of our safety meetings sometimes suggests that we’re more concerned about compliance than we are about culture.  Our message in a safety meeting may very well include the latter, but it should never exclude the former.  People are more readily […]

We Can’t Hear You! Eliminating Distractions in Safety Meetings

A safety meeting is often held directly on the job site–which is not a bad thing, but it can sometimes have unintended consequences.  If the job site has a high-decibel noise level from surrounding machinery, vehicles, compressors, or heavy equipment, you may find yourself contending for the attention of your audience in a competition you […]

How to Conduct an Engaging Pre-Job Hazard Hunt

One way to make a pre-job meeting or tailgate meeting more engaging and interactive is to turn it into a hazard hunt.  A hazard hunt is in effect a “roving” tailgate meeting.  The beauty of this is, we can use the very same three-question format we addressed in a previous video in this series.