Six Ways to Make Your Safety Talks “Stick” (Part 1)

Some are certainly better than others, but most could still stand improvement. I’m referring to safety meetings and the way they’re conducted, in whatever shape they may take or in whatever venue they may be held. Many safety meetings, regardless of industry or type of meeting, the meeting leader usually ends up reading the meeting […]

Building Safety Ownership in Front-Line Employees (Part 2)

Last issue we talked about the benefits of putting front-line employees in charge of leading safety meetings.  Not only does this impart safety ownership for a safety culture to those who are most at risk, but it also helps to instill confidence in them to begin leading safety in every aspect of the job.

Building Employee Ownership for Safety Leadership

One of the best ways to build safety leadership skills in front-line employees is to put them in charge of leading safety meetings in the company.

Five Ways to Make A Safety Meeting More Engaging, Interactive & Meaningful

While the Recordable Insights Newsletter is still officially on sabbatical, I thought I’d at least pass along one item of interest.  Those of you who subscribe to ASSE’s Professional Safety Journal may have noticed my article in the October issue.  The article, titled “Improve Your Safety Meetings: 5 Ways to Make Them More Engaging, Interactive […]

Tips for Safety Meeting Management

When leading any safety meeting it’s extremely important for purposes of engagement to stay front and center of your audience.  It’s fairly common in a toolbox or tailgate meeting setting for some of the attendees of that meeting to sit or stand in places to the side or even behind the meeting leader.