Jockeying for a Safety Management Plan

Coming up with a safety management plan for a jockey is no bed of roses. A man weighing a little over a hundred pounds who regularly sets about controlling a half-ton horse, while trying to gain the lead in a pack of equally proportioned horses and riders. There have been 128 riders killed during races […]

The Serious Business of Safety

Children watching a big office building going up might see a construction site as a giant sandbox with adults at play. Danger happens when the workers get the same idea and engage in horseplay. Practical jokes and roughhousing are natural among a group of workers, mostly men, doing a hard job together day after day. […]

Taking Precautions, Saving Lives

9/11 seems so long ago, and yet it seems like yesterday. One hero that day was Rick Rescorla. He was the security officer for Morgan Stanley, the financial giant that occupied 22 floors in the South Tower of the World Trade Center. Mr. Rescorla insisted on repeated evacuation drills and other precautions for all employees, […]

Slipping into Autumn

Autumn brings the rich, beautiful colors of fall leaves. People spend hours during their weekends on driving or walking tours just to take in all the beauty. But as it gets colder, those leaves fall to the ground, creating a domino effect of slip hazard. Deciduous trees like maples and oaks lose their leaves each […]

“Leaves of Three, Leave Them Be!”

Poison ivy is more than a menace at picnics. It also grows around job sites, ready to cause problems when you least expect it. If you work outside, know how to recognize the plant and protect yourself from its irritating effects. Many safety management courses teach workers how to identify the plant, but here is […]