Winter Weather Woes

Anyone who works outside in winter needs to take precautions from the dangers of freezing temperatures. Numerous occupations are affected, beyond the obvious ones like construction, logging and snow cleanup. Mail deliverers, inspectors of homes and office buildings, utility workers, package delivery people, surveyors, exterminators and garbage collectors are just a few who need to […]

Retail Safety

Working retail has some obvious hazards. There is the stress in pulling out two dozen shoes trying to find a style that suits a nervous girl going to her first prom. Or trying to calm a 40-something, overweight executive who insists that all the trousers are marked two sizes smaller than they should be. Physical […]

Step Up to Safety

If you take a tumble on the stairs, you can easily end up fracturing your fibula or bruising your bottom, and it’s no fun. According to the National Safety Council, people at home and at work suffer over a million injuries falling on stairs, over 12,000 serious enough to cause death. In fact, stairs accidents […]

Extending Your Safety

Tripping over extension cords is common. At home, it is part of the Christmas experience to trip over the extension cord that keeps the lights twinkling. At work, it is convenient to the person needing power to run a cord across a walkway, though not so convenient for unsuspecting co-workers. As common as tripping is, […]

Too Much Stuff, Too Much Risk

If your office space is piled high with stacks of paper, old files and sample products, you have a safety problem. Clutter quickly takes on a life of its own, overwhelming the environment, choking pathways and teetering on shelves, threatening to fall off.  An effective health and safety plan should have guidelines to eliminate clutter […]