What Happens Without Safety Awareness…

When this DIY chain-saw wielding dad decided to remove a standing dead tree from his property, he could have used some guidance from someone who knows a thing or two about Stop-Work Authority and safety awareness as a core value. Unfortunately, the person behind the video camera appears to be his own son, at least […]

The Importance of Safety Devices & Safety Awareness

Following up on a fatality that occurred in February 2013, Newser reports, “A worker at a Pennsylvania sugar plant died buried alive in sugar in an accident that could have been prevented by a safety device removed just 13 days earlier.” According to an OSHA investigation, Janio Salinas, a 50-year-old temp worker at the plant, […]

Can Obesity Impede Your Company’s Safety Culture?

At last count, more than 35% of Americans were officially obese. When you factor in all of the people who are overweight — but not technically obese — the end result is that two-thirds of American adults weigh more than they should. Unfortunately, that can translate into big problems for the safety culture you’re trying […]

Safety Articles Are On The Way!

Beginning this week (and in response to overwhelming demand by our readers) we will be releasing posted safety articles (including news and issues of the RECORDABLE Insights newsletter) with much greater frequency.  In the past we’ve tried to release these on a weekly basis, with varying degrees of consistency.  But all that is now changing.  […]

No Winners in the Texting While Driving Homicide Conviction

Many organizations already have a policy against cellphone usage for their employees driving company vehicles.  Now there’s another reason not to use a cell phone while driving, whether it’s in a company vehicle or not: “A Massachusetts teen was convicted Wednesday of homicide as a result of texting while driving and will serve one year […]