Office Worker Safety: Don’t Fall Short on Your Health and Safety Plan!

To the over 40 million North Americans working in cubicles, spilling their Starbucks probably seems the worst catastrophe that could befall them. After all, just how dangerous can it be to sit at a desk in an air-conditioned office where turning on the computer is the most complicated, mechanical action required on an average day? […]

OSHA’s New Directive on Communication Towers Emphasizes Process Safety Management Training

Coming on the heels of nine worker deaths so far in 2014 and a record number of fatalities in 2013, OSHA has recently announced an update to its directive on the use of hoist systems that are used to transport workers to and from workstations on communication towers. In what OSHA calls “an alarming increase […]

Press Release: safetyBUILT-IN to lead Malaysia Safety Leadership Training Event

“The head of one of the nation’s leading safety-leadership development companies has accepted an invitation to one of Asia’s top training events” (Sept. 17, 2014, Denver, Colo.) — Representatives with safetyBUILT-IN announced today that its Principal, Eric Svendsen, Ph.D. has accepted an invitation to facilitate at the safety leadership training event, Opus Kinetic event, Dec. […]

Strengthening Your Safety Management Plan for the Workplace

There are multiple challenges that both employers and employees face in the workplace, and of course one of these is to ensure that everyone is safe on the job.  Despite this challenge, it’s possible to take simple measures that can add structure to a safety management program and drastically reduce accidents.  The following general tips […]

Five Simple Ways to Improve Your Workplace Safety

Building a good safety climate for your business can sound a whole lot more intimidating than it actually is.  In fact, you can give your workplace safety performance a big boost just by following these five tips: 1.  Make sure your employees have the right expertise: If a particular employee simply doesn’t have the skills […]