Avoiding Heat Problems at Work

Summer temperatures can make it uncomfortable to work on construction sites, at jobs requiring a lot of protective gear, on roofs and other places where the temperatures are high. But more than discomfort, heat can cause physical and mental problems. Your body isn’t made to handle high temperatures. According to health and safety consultants, heat […]

Tree Cutting Adventures

Even around the house, you need a safety management plan for major do-it-yourself projects. If you decide to cut a tree in your yard, do more research than this man did. In the video below, you’ll see how to re-landscape your yard and remodel your home in just 36 seconds. From a safety standpoint, this […]

Eight Tips to Lift just about Anything Safely

If you lift an object incorrectly, you’re likely to suffer for it later. Common torments include back injuries, lower back pain, sore arms, painful shoulders and tight hips. Health and safety consultants point out that the problem can last a few hours or even days, but often it leads to chronic injury that needs ongoing […]

10 Components to Include in Your Instructor-Led or Online Health And Safety Courses

Every business needs to have a plan in place for workplace safety. But what should it cover? Whether it is delivered in person or through online health and safety courses, the training should include at least these ten essentials. 1. Identify, Analyze and Control Hazards. Check the surroundings where your workers do their job and […]

Seven Ladder-Safety Tips for Do-It-Yourselfers

Every year in the United States over 250,000 homeowners need to visit the hospital emergency room because they fell off a ladder. If you are going to clean out gutters, check the roof after a storm or put up lights at Christmas, you need to get up high enough to do the work. Ladders make […]