Striking a Safe Note in a Lightning Storm

If you get caught in a lightning storm, you’re safe if you stand where it has struck before, right? Wrong. This is just one of many myths that surround this powerful, dangerous weather condition. It is important for achieving hazard reduction that anyone who works outside should know what to do if lightning strikes. Since […]

Extending Your Safety

Tripping over extension cords is common. At home, it is part of the Christmas experience to trip over the extension cord that keeps the lights twinkling. At work, it is convenient to the person needing power to run a cord across a walkway, though not so convenient for unsuspecting co-workers. As common as tripping is, […]

Too Much Stuff, Too Much Risk

If your office space is piled high with stacks of paper, old files and sample products, you have a safety problem. Clutter quickly takes on a life of its own, overwhelming the environment, choking pathways and teetering on shelves, threatening to fall off.  An effective health and safety plan should have guidelines to eliminate clutter […]

First Aid Ready To Go

Every workplace needs a first aid kit. But what should it contain? OSHA mandates “adequate” supplies in a kit, but lets each business define what that is, depending on the risks in its workplace. A basic first aid kit for a small to medium size work site needs more than just bandages. You can learn […]

“Leaves of Three, Leave Them Be!”

Poison ivy is more than a menace at picnics. It also grows around job sites, ready to cause problems when you least expect it. If you work outside, know how to recognize the plant and protect yourself from its irritating effects. Many safety management courses teach workers how to identify the plant, but here is […]