Fall Proof Your Kitchen for the Elderly

For many, the kitchen provides a wonderful respite from daily life, especially for people of advancing age.  Most of us know someone in that situation–an aging parent, a close friend or relative who may be living on their own and encountering kitchen hazards the rest of us take for granted.  But for the elderly, these […]

Cooking Up a (Fire)storm

Even more useful than knowing just the right sauce or the perfect way to sauté vegetables is developing some common sense around cooking. This means learning how to prevent stovetop and oven fires. Of all the causes for home fires and injuries in the home, cooking is the number one culprit. Everyone needs to eat, […]

Hammering Home Safety

Cartoon are rife with characters holding up a swelled, throbbing thumb caused by banging it with a hammer, trying to do some do-it-yourself home maintenance. The hammer is one of the most basic tools for a homeowner and one of the most useful. Unfortunately, users tend to take its operation for granted. Workers and homeowners […]

Home Healthcare: The Uncontrolled Environment

The American boomer population are seniors now, entering their 60s and 70s. This means a steady increase in the number of home healthcare workers that are needed to care for this aging segment of the population. For caring people without computer skills and without the schooling necessary for office or factory employment, home health care […]

Seven Ladder-Safety Tips for Do-It-Yourselfers

Every year in the United States over 250,000 homeowners need to visit the hospital emergency room because they fell off a ladder. If you are going to clean out gutters, check the roof after a storm or put up lights at Christmas, you need to get up high enough to do the work. Ladders make […]