Coaching Unsafe Behaviors as an Employee

There aren’t many things more intimidating to a front-line employee than the prospect of acting on stop-work authority by coaching the unsafe behavior of a fellow employee.

Protected: Reinforcing Stop-Work Authority for a Safety Leadership Culture

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Safety Leadership: It’s Not Just for the (en)Titled

When creating a safety leadership culture we tend to focus on building leadership capability in those who have official management titles in the organization and who supervise people.  That’s important to do, but it would be a mistake to leave it at that.

A Return to Core Values

Every once in a while we receive enough requests for a past vlog article to justify pulling it out of storage, dusting it off, and featuring it as the Recordable Insight of the week.  One vlog article in particular has received its fair share of attention of late.  We are now midway through our series […]

Better Engagement for Better Safety Ownership

One of the key factors for building a safety culture is ensuring employee engagement.  Employee Engagement can be defined as a state of mind in which an employee: (1) finds purpose and satisfaction in their work, (2) has positive feelings about the organization, its values and its goals, (3) puts discretionary (or non-mandatory) effort into […]