“S.E.A.T.” Safety Coaching Method: Get Agreement and Thank Them

We’ve been looking at a safety coaching method that allows us to have a non-confrontational, non-threatening conversation with someone that we see engaged in an unsafe behavior.  The “Have a S.E.A.T.” coaching method starts with Stopping the Action and Engaging the employee.  The final two steps in this method are to get Agreement, and then […]

“S.E.A.T.” Safety Coaching Method: Engage the Worker (Pt 2)

Last issue, as part of our S.E.A.T. safety coaching method, we looked at how to engage an employee in a conversation who is involved in an unsafe situation.  And there we saw the importance of connecting the dots between that behavior and the safety-culture goals of the company, as well as the personal consequences of […]

“S.E.A.T.” Safety Coaching Method: Engage the Worker

Last issue we covered step 1 of the “Have a SEAT” safety coaching method for coaching unsafe behaviors.  There we saw that the first step is to stop the action and get them to a safe place.  The next step is to engage them in a conversation about that unsafe behavior.

“S.E.A.T.” Safety Coaching Method: Stop the Action

In our last issue we introduced a safety coaching method that you can use to coach unsafe behaviors no matter who it is you’re coaching, or what your level is in the organization.  All it requires is leadership, confidence and a passion to keep people safe.

Coaching Unsafe Behaviors as an Employee

There aren’t many things more intimidating to a front-line employee than the prospect of acting on stop-work authority by coaching the unsafe behavior of a fellow employee.