Protected: Understanding and Using Your “Coaching” Safety-Leadership Style

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Building Trust in Your Coaching Relationships

A big part of your safety management plan should include coaching, and a coaching relationship must be based on trust. Knowing you can count on someone is a large part of what trusting that person is about. If people see us as providing good information, making reasonable judgments, meeting our commitments to them, and maintaining confidentiality, […]

Are You Providing the Right Kind of Feedback for Safety Performance?

A key skill of a good coach is the ability to give feedback in such a way that the person receiving it will either change a behavior, or continue and improve on a behavior, based on the coaching received. For that reason, it’s important that anyone setting out to coach someone else, either in a […]

Protected: Moving from Safety Priority to Safety Value

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“S.E.A.T.” Safety Coaching Method: Tailoring the Script

Now that we’ve looked in detail at the “Have a S.E.A.T.” safety coaching model, the next step is to tailor it.  The sample dialogue we used to learn the model is just a script and nothing more.  It’s based on how that dialogue might sound from one coach’s perspective.  But it’s probably not how you […]