Don’t Be Like These Workers…Be Safe Instead!

Happy Friday! Be safe this weekend and don’t do anything these people are doing in this video,

Attend to Your Injuries!

It’s Throwback Thursday! Take it from this vintage work safety poster… attend to your injuries as soon as they happen!  

Workers’ Compensation Indemnity Payments

Workers’ compensation indemnity payments can be very difficult to understand. We’re sharing this article on the myths and realities of workers’ compensation to help clear things up,

Introducing the SBI Mobile Coach Safety App!

Now, All the Safety-Culture Tools You Need Right in the Palm of Your Hand! The SBI Mobile Coach is a one-of-a-kind safety app that gives you the tools you need to coach any safety engagement you might encounter in the plant, mill, work site, field or office–all for the price of two of your favorite […]

The Way Forward: Safety Culture Improvements

So far we’ve looked at the first three steps of our coaching model for safety culture improvements.  The first step is to establish the GOAL.  The second step it to determine the current state REALITY.  The third step is to generate OPTIONS for improvements. The final step is to develop a Way Forward based on […]