First Aid Ready To Go

Every workplace needs a first aid kit. But what should it contain? OSHA mandates “adequate” supplies in a kit, but lets each business define what that is, depending on the risks in its workplace. A basic first aid kit for a small to medium size work site needs more than just bandages. You can learn […]

safetyBUILT-IN to Lead Malaysia Safety Leadership Training Event

“The head of one of the nation’s leading safety-leadership development companies has accepted an invitation to one of Asia’s top training events” (Sept. 17, 2014, Denver, Colo.) — Representatives with safetyBUILT-IN announced today that its Principal, Eric Svendsen, Ph.D. has accepted an invitation to facilitate at the Opus Kinetic event, Dec. 1-2 in Kuala Lumpur, […]

Cooking Up a (Fire)storm

Even more useful than knowing just the right sauce or the perfect way to sauté vegetables is developing some common sense around cooking. This means learning how to prevent stovetop and oven fires. Of all the causes for home fires and injuries in the home, cooking is the number one culprit. Everyone needs to eat, […]

Jockeying for a Safety Management Plan

Coming up with a safety management plan for a jockey is no bed of roses. A man weighing a little over a hundred pounds who regularly sets about controlling a half-ton horse, while trying to gain the lead in a pack of equally proportioned horses and riders. There have been 128 riders killed during races […]

The Serious Business of Safety

Children watching a big office building going up might see a construction site as a giant sandbox with adults at play. Danger happens when the workers get the same idea and engage in horseplay. Practical jokes and roughhousing are natural among a group of workers, mostly men, doing a hard job together day after day. […]