Building Employee Engagement into Your Safety Culture

One key to building a stronger safety culture is to simultaneously build levels of employee engagement. An engaged employee thinks and acts like an owner, and because of that they not only remain safer on the job, but they are also much more likely to help you lead a safety culture. The primary reasons building […]

Give Them a Reason for Safety

How do your employees think about safety? Is it just a policy they have to follow? Something that’s just part of the job? Or does it go beyond that? A great indicator of the way someone thinks about safety is whether they view it as internal or external to them. If all they think about […]

It’s In Place, But Is It Sustainable?

You’ve rolled out your latest and greatest safety program to strengthen your safety culture, you’ve done all the attendant training, and you’ve laid out the new policies – now what? It doesn’t matter what kind of program change you make to a safety culture it you don’t ensure it’s going to survive the change process […]

Are We Communicating Safety Culture (Or Just Talking)?

Think for a minute about one person at work with whom you have a difficult time communicating. This could be a team member, a boss, or someone in a different department in the organization. But it should be someone you tend to clash with over ideas or ways to approach the same problem or issue. […]

Promoting Employees Without Putting Your Safety Culture in Peril

How are employees in your organization promoted to supervisory and/or other leadership positions? Or, more to the point, on what basis are they promoted? Chances are the overarching criteria for promotion is how they have performed on the job thus far. Those at the top of their game tend to be considered for that promotion […]