Creating and Using Safety-Leadership Activity Menus

Some of the questions I am often asked by leaders trying to make safety culture improvements are, What should employees be doing differently?  What safety-culture activities should we as a company be promoting? And How do we measure the effectiveness of those activities? Those are great questions to ask, because if safety culture is more […]

Sustaining the Effort: Ensuring the Safety-Culture Vision Gets Communicated

Few things derail a safety-culture vision like a lack of communication. If you’ve been following this series and implementing its guidelines, then you’ve already spent valuable time and energy developing your safety-culture vision and setting communication expectations around that vision for your leaders. The last thing you need now is for someone (or a group […]

Sustaining the Effort: Communicating the Safety Culture Vision

No organizational vision (including the safety vision) can be sustained for very long apart from making it part of the culture. Employees will quickly figure out what’s important to their leaders by listening to what they talk about most. Is it production? Is it quality? Is it safety? Something else? And it’s not simply a […]

Sustaining the Effort: Creating a Safety-Culture Vision

One of the primary drivers for building employee engagement is to create a “line of sight” for employees. What’s a line of sight, you might ask? Simply put, it’s a view of the big picture. It’s the ability of an employee to see the end game from where s/he currently stands, and to understand how […]

Sustaining the Effort: Keeping Your Safety Culture Alive and Well

I want you to draw a picture of the ideal future state of your safety culture. What would be different from the current state? What would it look like? When I say “draw a picture,” I’m being literal. It’s always helpful to sketch out (on a whiteboard, a flipchart, or even a notepad) what you […]