Safety is Not a “Moment” : Safety Culture Development or Derailment?

One of the unintentional consequences of placing a focus on safety is the way we bolt it on to other activities we do.  For instance, we regularly hold production or operations meetings (or even corporate meetings) to talk about the tasks we’ll be doing that day or that week.  And to give safety a primary […]

Use Props and Visual Aids: Tips for Enhancing Your Safety Leadership Presence

Whether you’re communicating a general safety message, leading a safety meeting, or conducting safety training or safety culture training,  one of the best ways to reinforce your message is to use a prop or other visual aid.  In fact, it can mean the difference between your audience retaining only 5% of your message, or up […]

Ask, Don’t Tell: Enhancing Your Safety Culture Development through Active Listening

There’s an old adage that we’ve mentioned many times in the past, but it’s just as important for safety culture development, particularly when communicating safety to a group of people. It goes like this: “No one disagrees with his own ideas.” That principle seems obvious enough; unfortunately we almost never leverage it to our advantage […]

“Hearing Ain’t Listening”: Enhancing Your Safety Culture Development through Active Listening

In any safety culture development initiative, one skill that’s key for communicating a safety message in a group setting is listening.  But listening is more than just hearing.  In fact, listening and hearing are two different things. Hearing is a faculty / listening is a skill.  Just because we’ve heard a question or response from […]

Achieving Safety Excellence: Tips for Enhancing Your Safety Leadership Presence

There are many things that we can do and should do to enhance our leadership presence when communicating a safety message, especially if that message is directed toward groups of people whom we have tasked with achieving safety excellence. Oftentimes when leading safety communication, the leader is simply not loud enough, or confident enough, or […]