“Hearing Ain’t Listening”: Enhancing Your Safety Culture Development through Active Listening

In any safety culture development initiative, one skill that’s key for communicating a safety message in a group setting is listening.  But listening is more than just hearing.  In fact, listening and hearing are two different things. Hearing is a faculty / listening is a skill.  Just because we’ve heard a question or response from […]

Achieving Safety Excellence: Tips for Enhancing Your Safety Leadership Presence

There are many things that we can do and should do to enhance our leadership presence when communicating a safety message, especially if that message is directed toward groups of people whom we have tasked with achieving safety excellence. Oftentimes when leading safety communication, the leader is simply not loud enough, or confident enough, or […]

Improving Safety Culture: What Safety Leaders Must BE, KNOW and DO

Last issue we looked at the ARE-KNOW-DO model of leadership (a.k.a. BE-KNOW-DO), which focuses on who you ARE as a leader, what you KNOW as a leader, and what you DO as a leader. How does all this apply to improving safety culture?  What’s required of safety leaders to build and drive the culture in […]

Building Your Leadership Presence for Leading Safety Culture

What’s your vision of a leader? If you were to complete the statement, “I believe a leader is …”, what would it say? And how do we know we’re leading safety culture in the right way? As safety leaders, we have to inspire confidence, passion and commitment around a safety culture.  A big part of leading […]

Focus on People over Policy: Achieving Safety Excellence Through Better Safety Meetings

Here’s something you can be certain of. No one has ever been inspired to work safely or to follow safe work procedures simply because it’s the policy. Safety policies are necessary to set baseline expectations, and they can guard people against unsafe conditions if people follow them. But they are incapable of instilling an internal […]