Building Your Leadership Presence for Leading Safety Culture

What’s your vision of a leader? If you were to complete the statement, “I believe a leader is …”, what would it say? And how do we know we’re leading safety culture in the right way? As safety leaders, we have to inspire confidence, passion and commitment around a safety culture.  A big part of leading […]

Focus on People over Policy: Achieving Safety Excellence Through Better Safety Meetings

Here’s something you can be certain of. No one has ever been inspired to work safely or to follow safe work procedures simply because it’s the policy. Safety policies are necessary to set baseline expectations, and they can guard people against unsafe conditions if people follow them. But they are incapable of instilling an internal […]

Toolbox Meeting Effectiveness: Making It Stick

If I’m leading a safety meeting, a toolbox meeting, or a safety training, and I cite some facts and figures about a hazard, statistically you’ll remember only about 5% of what I told you after that meeting has ended.  But if I show you a picture of the hazard while I’m talking about it, you’ll […]

“You want ME to lead the safety meeting?!” Turning Front-Line Employees into Safety Leaders

There’s a maxim that we mentioned in another article in this series that goes like this: “No one disagrees with their own ideas.”  There we suggested that instead of telling them how to be safe on the job, if we ask them open-ended questions about how they plan to be safe–getting them to actively think […]

Get Them Moving! Creative Ways to Make Your Safety Talks “Stick”

Last issue we looked at a two tips for conducting more effective, more engaging safety meetings–namely, “lead it, don’t read it,” and “ask, don’t tell.”  Both of these tips, taken together, will help eliminate the monotonous, disengaged safety meetings many of us have unfortunately grown accustomed to. In this issue we’ll look at another tip […]