Some General Axioms About Safety-Culture Change

Last issue we looked at the five-stage cycle of response during any safety culture change initiative.  There we saw that much of the challenge in culture change is the resistance you’ll invariably encounter at the start of that process. We’re going to look at ways to reduce the impact of that resistance and accelerate acceptance […]

Understanding the Cycle of Safety-Culture Change

In our last issue we began a series on understanding the dynamics of changing and leading a safety culture, and there we saw that the most difficult part about change is not the process per se, but the people you have to persuade. If you plan to undertake an effort like this then you have […]

What Leaders Do to Drive Safety-Culture Change

Leading a safety culture is, first and foremost, an exercise in managing change. And as with any change-management initiative, if it’s not guided by a solid plan, dogged persistence, tenacity, fearlessness, persuasion, assertiveness, and an understanding of how people may respond to that change, it’s not likely to go well. If there’s one thing a […]

Protected: Conducting a JSA-Style “Hazard Hunt”

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Protected: Job Safety Analysis Made Simple: Step #3 — Identify the Controls

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