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Ask, Don’t Tell! Making Your Safety Communication Count

The ultimate goal of safety communication is to communicate a message that internalizes safety in the hearts and minds of your audience. The problem is that most safety communication ends up being a one-way conversation. Sure, you may have delivered a safety message, but has real communication actually occurred? Too often safety communication comes in […]

Still More Foundations for Communicating a Safety Culture

Building a sustainable safety culture requires more than just an organizational infrastructure that supports the culture. On a personal level it starts with how willing we are to lead that culture. In our last issue we suggested three ways to get started doing that. They included things like accepting leadership responsibility for the safety of […]

Foundations for Communicating a Safety Culture

I’m often asked by participants in my safety-leadership sessions what they need to do to start the process of building and leading a safety culture. And while there are many things that need to be done concurrently at an organizational level to ensure there is an infrastructure that supports a sustainable safety culture, there are […]