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How to Drive Employee Engagement in a Safety Culture

In our last issue we looked at the importance of building levels of employee engagement for a stronger safety culture. Simply stated, engaged employees are safer on the job and tend to lead a safety culture rather than merely comply with it. We also saw that, in addition to driving levels of engagement, we need […]

Join Us in September for “Safety Culture 2017”!

Join Eric Svendsen of safetyBUILT-IN and other leaders in the safety-culture field for a two-day event at the Marriott Austin Downtown Convention Center in Austin, TX on September 11-12, 2017! Safety Culture 2017 will show employers how to enhance performance and strengthen safety compliance through culture, using tactical strategies implemented at real VPP sites and […]

Building Employee Engagement into Your Safety Culture

One key to building a stronger safety culture is to simultaneously build levels of employee engagement. An engaged employee thinks and acts like an owner, and because of that they not only remain safer on the job, but they are also much more likely to help you lead a safety culture. The primary reasons building […]