Give Them a Reason for Safety

Give Them a Reason for SafetyHow do your employees think about safety? Is it just a policy they have to follow? Something that’s just part of the job? Or does it go beyond that?

A great indicator of the way someone thinks about safety is whether they view it as internal or external to them. If all they think about safety is that it’s a compliance regulation they are supposed to follow and enforce, then safety will be just another thing that is externally imposed upon them. They may not mind doing it – but it’s someone else’s idea, not their own.

About the Author

Eric Svendsen
Eric Svendsen, Ph.D., is Principal and lead change agent for safetyBUILT-IN, a safety-leadership learning and development organization. He has over 20 years experience in creating and executing outcomes-based leadership development and culture change initiatives aligned to organizational goals, and he personally led the safety-culture initiatives of a number of client organizations that resulted in “best ever safety performance” years for those companies.