All-Hands Safety Culture: Yes, Including the Back-Office!

All-Hands Safety Culture: Yes, Including the Back-Office!Sure, someone from accounting may never have set foot in the warehouse or plant outside of the plant tour they took during orientation when they were hired. So they may be wondering why it would be important to be involved in something that applies only to the plant side.

But exempting back-office employees from active participation in the safety culture is a mistake on many levels. First, it sends a loud and clear message that safety is not part and parcel of the overall organizational culture. It’s not “who we are,” because if it were, it would show up anywhere we look in the organization.

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Eric Svendsen
Eric Svendsen, Ph.D., is Principal and lead change agent for safetyBUILT-IN, a safety-leadership learning and development organization. He has over 20 years experience in creating and executing outcomes-based leadership development and culture change initiatives aligned to organizational goals, and he personally led the safety-culture initiatives of a number of client organizations that resulted in “best ever safety performance” years for those companies.