Vive la résistance! Or What to Do About the Late Adopters

There’s always at least one. In any given safety-culture change situation there’s always someone who just won’t come aboard. Now, let me be clear here that I’m not talking about someone who ignores personal safety on the job. I’m referring instead to someone who refuses to lead safety on the job. After all, he not […]

Championing Safety Outside the Workplace

Last summer I hired a contractor to do some repairs on my home that quite frankly went beyond my modest home-improvement abilities. Part of the job was centered on the soffit and gutter areas, and entailed the use of 30-ft ladders. Shortly after the contractor and his assistant had made their way up the ladders […]

Taking Safety Culture Home

One question I always make a point to explore with participants in the workshops I conduct with clients is, “Do you take safety home with you?” The question is intended to reveal how well participants have internalized safety for themselves. We may very well be safe on the job by ensuring we’re wearing all the […]