Making Your Safety-Leadership Coaching Count

Safety coaching is (or at least should be) a natural part of what any leader does on a regular basis to reinforce the safety culture. The problem, if we are honest with ourselves, is that most of us just don’t do it very well. Instead, we tend to coach spontaneously and off the cuff, going […]

Ask, Don’t Tell! How to Make Your Safety Communication More Impactful

The ultimate goal of safety communication is to communicate a message that internalizes safety in the hearts and minds of your audience.  The problem is that most safety communication ends up being a one-way conversation.  Sure, you may have delivered a safety message, but has real communication actually occurred? Too often safety communication comes in […]

Lead it, Don’t Read It: How to Make Your Safety Communication More Impactful

There are many things we do subconsciously and out of mere habit that tend to detract from the overall effectiveness of our safety communication. We looked at one of those in our last issue where we addressed the differences in effectiveness between focusing on statistics and performance metrics versus creating a vicarious experience through the […]