Stories, Not Stats! How to Make Your Safety Communication More Impactful

One of the great challenges we face in leading a safety culture is how to communicate safety such that it has a lasting impact on employees. Treating safety as a mere policy, an obligation, a training point, or an item on a checklist is a big concern because the level of an employee’s commitment to […]

Post-Conference Roundup!

Over the past couple of months we’ve been occupied with a whirlwind tour of training events, including both public conferences and private corporate events. We’re finally back and gearing up for more events next month. Two of those events were conferences we announced beforehand. The OSC-16 (Ohio Safety Congress and Expo), one of the largest […]

What Drives Employee Engagement in a Safety Culture? (Part 2)

Operations leaders and other safety leaders interested in strengthening the safety culture of their organization can do no better than to begin building levels of employee engagement. In our last issue we covered three proven drivers of employee engagement that any leader can use to raise levels of engagement. There we covered things like (1) […]