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Good Old Days of Safety

Let’s throw it back to the the good ol’ days! We hope you enjoy this throwback safety training video. Safety training is serious and very much needed but it’s ok to have a few laughs every once in a while.

Don’t forget to always internalize safety as a core value

Here’s a little Wisdom on this Wednesday. Don’t forget to always internalize safety as a core value.. You don’t want to end up like Carol!

The Role of “Enablement” When Leading Safety-Culture Change

Imagine you’re comfortably seated on a flight that’s going from Chicago to San Diego. Okay, “comfortably” may be a stretch these days with diminishing legroom and ever-narrowing seats, but try to imagine that anyway. Suddenly the pilot announces that you’ve been selected as “pilot for the day,” and invites you forward to receive the prize. […]

#TBT Office Safety Video

Office safety may seem like common sense to you but this 1950s training video is hilarious while remaining relevant to #officesafety today! #TBT

Q and A on workplace health and safety

Your staff is more inclined to follow safety rules if their boss is following those rules as well. Here are a few questions and answers on workplace health and safety from The Southland Times that you can learn from and teach your staff. This will insure safety among the entire workplace.